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In early November, I - Marc With a C - will be celebrating the FIFTH anniversary of my podcast/radio show The Real Congregation with a special interactive episode. It’s very likely that it’s the most important episode of the show ever, really. Are you ready to interact? Here’s what we need from you:

We need you to call a phone number and leave us a voice message to be played on the show. In this message, we ask that you state your name (or handle or whatever you want to be known by), and then tell us about either:

1. A favorite song or artist you’ve either heard on/or discovered because of The Real Congregation.
2. A favorite memory that occurred on/or because of the show.

It’s that simple! Don’t be concerned about feeling awkward, either. We’re part of the Nerdy Show network, so we’re all pretty awkward. Don’t be afraid if English isn’t your first language or if you believe that your accent is too thick or you’re worried about a speech impediment… etc. We want to represent everyone that wants to be represented. And we’re hoping that’s *you*

The number to call is (407) 282-1264. Thanks so much, everyone. Can’t wait to do this episode with you!

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